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Mad Spaniels

Products, Food and Gifts for Mad Spaniels and their friends

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Welcome to Mad Spaniels

After several years of being owned by our own mad Spaniels, we decided it was about time to create a website where fellow spaniel-addicts could buy Spaniel related products, training items, food and treats and gifts. We also decided to let non-Spaniel owners use the site too, as many of the items are also good for 'normal' dogs! Feel free to browse our Shop for lots of brilliant goodies. Our delivery and postage information is here.

Our dogs are currently competing in agility and can be seen running out of the ring at shows all over the country, see Our Dogs, so you can recognise them if you need to help us catch them.

We also do Obedience(!), Gun Dog training and scurries and are quite interested in Working Trials too, so we have loads of related products. We regularly do the usual 24 mile hikes trying to wear the dogs out so we can watch telly of an evening, so even if you don't take part in a dog sport with your Spaniel you can be sure there will be something of interest to you on here.


We are running and sponsoring the 2015 MadSpaniels Agility League open to all Spaniels, click here to join in!!


We are also sponsoring the Rottweiler Agility League, click here for more info!




We stock our own brand of 'Mad Spaniels' exclusive collars, leads, dog coats, toys and accessories....

We also stock a select range of other items suitable for Spaniels and other dogs. Our shop is growing all the time so if you don't see what you want Contact Us and we will let you know when it will be available.

We now have our own Facebook page and we are on Twitter, please visit to keep up to date with news, and new products!

Calling all spaniel owners!!

If you have any pictures of your own Mad Spaniels or any stories about them, feel free to email them to our Contact Us address and I will add the best to our News page. Who knows, I might even have some freebies for any that get included!!



We travel all over the Country competing with our dogs, Click here to find out where our tradestand will be next!