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Wisp is a Working Cocker, he is also 6 years old, his birthday is just a week before Flossy's. We 'acquired' him as a 2 year old failed gun dog, I would like to say that we haven't looked back since, but actually we are always looking back, and everywhere else, trying to find him!! His recall is rather dubious as is his directional control (control is a fairly loose term), but he is powerful, athletic and a real worker and we are slowly channeling his boundless energy into a productive direction. Wisp has passed his KC GC Bronze and Silver awards but I baulked at the thought of the out of sight stays in Gold. Out of sight means out of mind to Wisp so we decided to explore other avenues instead; (to be fair, Wisp explores EVERY avenue, nook, cranny, gully etc, etc).
Wisp has taken part in Gun Dog scurries and performs (surprisingly) extremely well, however his method of expressing enthusiasm (barking like a mentalist all the time he's queueing), does mean that we get a lot of raised eyebrows and, in extreme cases, environmental health handing round ear defenders, so I suspect that we won't be entering many more.
Wisp is a stunning looking dog who really enjoys his agility and who has even managed to get some placings at Grade 3 - no mean feat! He is affectionate and totally ball obsessed and the only real 4 wheel drive dog I have ever seen, running up cliffs at the seaside is one of his party pieces as is returning large (and occasionally cross) geese to hand when walking round the reservoirs.
Heart-breakingly my beloved Wisp has had to be rehomed. Despite all our efforts (and we left no stone unturned in our efforts to find a solution) he refused to accept our Collie Flash, who is utterly terrified of him. I know that he will give his new owners so much pleasure, he will always be my 'Chocklit Boy".