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Shady is also not a Spaniel. She is a very lovely just gone 4 year old rottweiler with a full tail. She came from Jerry Green Rescue Centre near Thirsk as a 13 week old, tiny puppy and is absolutely gorgeous and cute as a button.
Shady is incredibly 'worky' and very, very quick to learn. She does beautiful heelwork and has excellent scent discrimination and retrieves. Shady is very gentle and takes life in her stride. She is a super dog to have around, although as a puppy she destroyed plants, cardboard boxes, novels, anything wooden and chewed her way through our 'fence' during our first camping trip with her. She particularly likes eating my lists...
Shady loves going to shows and if she sees someone she hasn't met before, sits at their feet and refuses to move until they have given her treats. She has learnt that anyone with their hands in their pockets have food, and that they will feed her if she sits and looks at them persistently enough. Would you refuse a determined Rottweiler??
Shady started her agility career in Grade 1 with Mark and within 18 months had gone through the grades to grade 6, no mean feat for a rotty! She is highly motivated and really driven to work for her toy. Sadly at the end of 2012 Shady ruptured both cruciate ligaments within weeks of each other. She has successfully had Titanium wedges inserted into both knees, plus various other bits of surgery that she needed after complications arose in both legs - including her body rejecting the wires holding one plate in place. She is now fully sound and has just returned to competition at full height.  Six months of crate rest has certainly sharpened her appetite and enthusiasm, if not her satellite navigation skills..