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If you have any stories about your own Mad Spaniels, or any news or pictures, send them to me at our Contact Us address and I will add them to this page. Make sure to include your name and address as I might well send out a nice surprise for any that make it onto our web site!!!
17/06/13 Our gorgeous camouflage coat is now on sale at a reduced price!! Click here for more info!

June 2013 After a slightly exhausting start to the season, we are now delighted that Shady has successfully recovered from her double Cruciate repairs and is now back competing at full height.  Duke measured Medium for agility, finally giving me my first Medium dog, which I have waited so long for - not that he is really ready to compete yet!!  Dan continues to amuse/entertain/annoy, usually all at the same time, Buzz is still waiting for his first Working Trial - which might be some time and the F words are both still going strong! 
After a slightly rubbish last few months, with Shady rupturing her cruciates (both!) and making the decision to retire Buzz from agility at only 3 years old, I have at least got Chrismas to look forward to! And both Duke and Dan will hopefully come out at some point in 2013!
11/3/12 Had a fabulous day at Hare n Hounds yesterday, Shady had 3 clear rounds out of 3 runs, Flash had some fabulous runs and Buzz got every contact and his waits were absolutely solid. Duke managed to be cuddled by almost everyone on the showground and Flash and I won a box of Maltesers. Sadly no rosettes but chocolate is almost a substitute!
29 Feb 2012 We now have lots more exciting toys and scrummy treats on our website, including the fabby Prey Dummy, Chicken and Duck Fillets and some super value soft training treats!
Feb 2012 February has been a very busy and exciting month for us, with lots of new dogs waiting to start agility training, Shady getting some very good placings in grade 4, Buzz almost solid with his contacts, start lines and weaves AND with the arrival of puppy Duke from NESSR!!! Click here to see more! We are also in the process of setting up a dedicated fan page for pictures of your dogs, so please keep them coming!
21/01/12 We have had a huge response to our coats/collars donation and I'm afraid we are not taking any more names for the coats/collars until I have divided them up. If I have enough left, I will post again!
20/01/12 We have a large quantity of large dog collars and small dog coats to donate to rescues. the collars are suitable for large breeds, Rotts, GSDs, AmStaffs etc. The coats are small sizes (35 and 40cm) but deep in draught to suitable for smaller chunky breeds - or could be altered if you can use a sewing machine! Free to any rescue that can make us of them!!
Jan 2012 We are very pleased to anounce that we are setting up our own dog training club offering agility, obedience and gun dog training in the Skipton area, click here to see more!!
**As from 28th December we are offering free UK postage* on ALL items!!**
*Please note postage charges will apply to all overseas orders.
December 2011 We are now very pleased to be able to offer our fleece and fur tuggy leads in a superfine version suitable for toy dogs! Even the smallest poodle can now have a lovely game of tuggy!! We have also started producing our ever popular mini tuggy keyrings with fur fabric to match your furry leads, and we will be shortly offering some very pretty coloured bead options!
Hare n Hounds Halloween Show Shady had a very successful start to Grade 4 with 3 lovely clears over the weekend. Buzz was a little star doing some lovely work and poor Flash was rather badly let down by some rubbish handling! We only managed 2 half days at the show due to a flat tyre on Sunday morning and me feeling quite ill on Saturday, so Flash had hardly any runs and Floss got none. Still it was nice to catch up with everyone again!
Have finally made time to update my poor website!!! News in it's own right! Having attended lots of exciting shows throughout the Summer it is hard to pick out any real favourites, so, a very brief run down:
Flashy is doing well in G6 having had lots of good places, more to come from him I'm sure! Flossy has been running fabulously in Anysize classes this year, following her retirement from full height after rupturing a disc last year. It really goes to show how good she would have been had she measured Medium - which she should have been really - when she can beat some of the G7 Collies over the smaller jumps! Shady has had a superb year, starting it in G1 and she will be having her first G4 run at the end of October! Buzz has taught me a lot about running super fast collies. Unfortunately not enough to have had a great deal of success so far! He had his first clear round in September which I was thrilled with, and I am hoping to get my head round running him properly this Winter!
We have loads and loads of gorgeous new products which have been flying off the tradestand this Summer. I am just starting to get them listed on here - so if there is anything you are after and you cannot find it, please Contact me and I will sort it out for you!
Top Spaniel Award 2011 This year's award went to Christine Ainsley and Lucy - big well done to both of you!!
After lots of emails and messages, our exclusive tuggy key rings are now available to buy on our website! Click here to see them!!
HnH Redcar 11 Flashman managed to finally win into Grade 6 with a fantastic agility win!!! Poor Buzz was less lucky, skinning his pads badly and not being able to run at all..
HnH Easter 11 Another brilliant show, fabulous venue and weather! Shady managed to win into G3 (more than once!!) and Flashy had some great placings too!
KoF 11 What a fabulous show!! Super venue, superb weather and the tradestand was packed full of so many friendly people!!
April 11 Our waterproof and fleece coats are now back in stock, and in a larger range of sizes, and the Flash collar is also back, and available now in new smaller sizes!! We have also finally got our exclusive MadSpaniels suede dog toys on here!!!
Feb 11 We have very sadly decided to retire Floss from agility. Recent x-rays have shown that she actually ruptured a lumbar disk back in September, and this is clearly still causing her some discomfort. Given that she has to jump full height jumps even though she is tiny, and this puts her body under a lot of strain, we think it is best for her future health not to allow her to continue. I am going to pick up her gun dog training again to give her an occupation, and she will still come to shows with me to sit in the tradestand, and maybe doing a bit of queueing, which is one of her favourite bits!

Our Facebook page is now up and running. Feel free to visit it for up to date information, new products as they come in and lots more!
We are now on Twitter!!! Follow us here!
2011 MadSpaniels goes on the road again! We are going to be attending various shows this year with a trade stand, look out for us on the circuit! Click here to see where we will be. New for 2011 - we are now including the schedules for shows we are attending - to make it even easier for you to find us! Just click the links for schedules and entry forms.
Ribble Feb 11 Despite the torrential rain this was a really enjoyable show, Flashy had a good day with a 4th and 5th in his G5 classes, and Shady managed a 2nd in G2 Jumping! Flossy was a little more manageable now that the excess protein has worn off and had a couple of lovely runs too.
Wilmslow Jan 2011 Floss's first G4 was slightly, er, embarrassing. She was rather full of beans, due to gorging on high protein puppy food a few days beforehand and wasn't in the slightest interested in where I thought she should go, barking, howling and twizzling her way round the rings, under equipment and generally making a complete clown of herself. She did seem to enjoy it though! The other dogs fared a bit better doing some lovely work, although no rosies for us today.
Hare n Hounds Christmas Show Shady and Mark won G1 agility taking them into G2, at only their 2nd ever 'proper' show!!!! Wow!!!
Limited Edition waterproof dog coats are here now!! These stunningly eye catching and unique dog coats are available in very limited numbers indeed, so they won't hang about long! Click here to see more info now.
Wilmslow November 2010 Shady had her first runs in G1 this weekend and did really well, with an unfortunate 5 faults her best score. Her contacts were fab and Mark's satnav system seemed to work too, well done both of you!
HATS November Show My first judging appointment was nerve wracking but ultimately enjoyable, (once I knew the courses worked). Many thanks to HATS for letting me loose on your competitors!
Hare n Hounds Halloween Show We had a fantastic weekend, Flashy getting high places in combined 1-7 classes, and Floss getting brilliant placings in G3 agility classes - meaning we can now move her into Grade 4!!
Hare n Hounds League pics As promised here are the pics from the presentation:
Jacqui Tarn Winning the Mad Spaniels trophy for Most Wins
photo courtesy Matt Nuttall Photography
John & Jay Jay Loudon winning Best Spaniel
photo courtesy Matt Nuttall Photography
Lune Valley Our first indoor show of the season. Floss is still 'off games' but Flash managed a 6th after a scary round. I had forgotten how noisy indoor shows are - at least we didn't get wet though!!
Hare n Hounds Sept Unfortunately Floss managed to injure herself during her 1st run here, and I wasn't much better so not the most rosette filled show ever, but Flash had a wonderful run with his new junior handler, Leah and got a clear round with her! I am sure they will have lots of fun together in Juniors next year. We also had the presentations for the Hare n Hounds League winners. John and JJ Loudon won the Mad Spaniels trophy for Best Spaniel - big well done to this clever little Cocker who has got into G4 in his first year; and Jacqui Tarn won the Mad Spaniels trophy for Most Wins. Photos will follow.....
Easington Sept Clever Flossy managed her first ever 1st place here - winning the pairs class with Em Fothergill's Ziggy!!
West Lakes What a fantastic show! The weather was perfect, we had lots of fun on the tradestand and Flash won one of the wonderful trophies in our last class of the weekend. Flossy managed some top ten placings and Shady got her first clear round rosette with Mark. Can't wait until next year!!
Hare n Hounds August Flash back on form now with some 2nds in G5 classes. The real star of the show though was Flossy, who got a 2nd in G3 agility!!!! What an achievement for a 'one eyed wonder'!!
Dog Vegas Grantham A slightly disappointing show, Flash was a little off form and very uncharacteristically missing his see-saw contacts. I later realised he had badly broken a dew claw so couldn't grip his see-saw properly and was obviously in a bit of discomfort so no surprise he couldn't concentrate. Unfortunate timing for the Adams Derby Final where he missed his see-saw but did a good run in the jumping. Still much better than the final we missed last year when he had peritonitis and nearly died..
Weardale Show Another good show, lots of returning customers to the trade stand to chat with and some good work from all the dogs.
Otley July A lovely show this weekend, the weather was kind, I got to run Shady - (her first clear round in anysize jumping) and Flash and Floss were both in the rosettes. Clever Flash managed to qualify for the Adams Derby Final too!!
Wyre 2010 My first grade 5 this weekend went a bit not-really-to-plan, Flash did some fabulous work but we also made some mistakes, not helped by my back still being hopeless. Floss managed an 11th in a difficult Grade 3 jumping class which cheered me up though, no agility for a few weeks now which will hopefully help my back..
5/6 June Yet another glorious weekend at Wigton, a stunning venue and perfect weather. Unfortunately I still can't do agility, which is a pain as this would have been my last grade 4 weekend. The tradestand did really well with lots of returning and new friends to talk to though.
1 June 2010 Bailey has arrived. The rather large Rottweiler boy was given to me when his owners realised they really weren't looking after him properly. He is lovely but a bit of a project. He hasn't been walked or socialised, so is rather unfit and flabby and his manners need some work but I'm sure he will get there.
picture courtesy of actionreplay photography
Hare n Hounds Stanhope Rather annoyingly my back injury prevented me doing agility properly this weekend, am going to have to give it a bit of time to recover, unfortunately. Met lots more lovely dogs, like Jay Jay Loudon - pictured above running at Hare n Hounds Easter - on the tradestand and had much more time to gossip without having to worry about walking courses and running dogs.
Hare n Hounds Redcar Another brilliant weekend. We met loads of lovely dogs on our tradestand, the weather was great, the beach was handy AND FLASH WON INTO GRADE 5!!!!!!!!! I didn't do anything undignified like dance a jig when I found out. Honest.
Woodside 2010 What an eventful weekend!! We met up with Wisp and his new owners which was the real highlight of the weekend. The Chocklit one looked wonderful and was a very happy boy so it was just fantastic to see him. On the downside, Shady put a rottweiler sized hole in the back of the tent.. Thanks Shade. The agility was fun, with Flossy AGAIN bringing home more rosies than Flash!!
Lincoln 2010 What a lovely sunny start to the weekend - shame about the soggy Sunday. Rosettes and clear rounds for both dogs, am starting to wonder if Flossy is trying to lull me into a false sense of security..
10 April 2010 Sunny Scunny was a great show for Floss who managed to get another rosette putting Flash to shame.
Easter 2010 Our first trade stand at Hare n Hounds was great fun, despite the horrible weather. It was lovely to meet so many new people and catch up on lots of old friends too. The electric fire proved very popular!! Flash had a brilliant show with lots of rosettes (our first ones in grade 4) and Floss excelled herself with a placing every day too!
Feb 2010 Not-so-little-Buzz has passed his Silver KCGCD!!
Jan 2010 Wisp's new owner has been in touch to let us know how he is doing, it was so wonderful to hear from her but very emotional, we have lots of lovely photos of him too, looking happy and VERY smart - thank you Laura.
14/11/09 We should have been at Gleniffer but unfortunately Flash stood on something sharp out walking and ended up with a huge puncture wound going through his pad and into his foot which needed stapling.
30/10/09 An early birthday present from my mum, little Buzz has joined the pack!
25/10/09 Flash's first G4 classes at Richmond. Poor Flash was a bit let down by me trying too hard and then had a steering aberration in another class! A nice clear from Floss made up for it though.
10/10/09 Our first indoor show of the winter, Flash had a 5th in the 3 - 7 Jumping (which would have been better if I hadn't fluffed a turn), Floss also had a good clear over the same course but wasn't quite fast enough for a ribbon.
4/10/09 Our first Obedience show, great fun but not terribly successful... More practice required I think - I need to learn to walk in straighter lines! It was a shame Shady missed it due to her first season.
1/10/09 All becomes clear - Shady has just come into season.
30/09/09 Shady failed her Gold stays tonight, most out of character.
12/09/09 Our trip to Aberdeen was great, a lovely venue and weather and a 2nd and 3rd from Flash.
28/08/09 Flash is back on form after a miraculous recovery with a 2nd at Scunthorpe, Floss had a lovely clear round too over a very tricky course.
West Lakes show was a bit of a disaster , we missed the first day after Wisp attacked Flash and Flash had to be stitched up under general anesthetic. The second day was so wet and miserable we packed it in at lunch time and drove home.
June/Aug 09 Flash has been in and out of the vets with peritonitis and things have been looking pretty bad. He seems to have turned a corner now and is home so fingers crossed..
27/06/09 Our first Grade 3 runs at Lune, Flash and Wisp both in the places - and again at Barrow. Wisp is in the lead now for clear rounds!
20/06/09 Our last Grade 2 this weekend at Hare n Hounds, Flashy won a class and Wisp had a good clear over a tough course.
14/06/09 Another 1st and a 2nd for Flash at Otley and lovely cakes on the lawn too!
7/6/09 Another 2nd for Flash at Cartmel - and Floss got a 3rd too!
3/06/09 Shady passed her Bronze KCGC, starting Silver next week.
30/05/09 Grade 3 for us!! Flash won an agility and a jumping class and was 2nd in another and Wisp came 2nd to him in one of those!!!!
17/05/09 Wisp got his 2nd ever clear round at Waldridge Fell in G2 jumping. He would have been 4th if rosettes went that far.... Still he got the Judges Special Award in G2 Agility for managing to wag his tail and jump at the same time!!
26/04/09 Flash won another agility class at Kingdom of Fife show in Scotland, Flossy got a 3rd place in combined agility and Wisp got his first ever clear round and a 9th place in combined jumping!!!!
Hare n Hounds Easter Show Two more firsts for Flash!
22/04/09 Shady passed her Puppy Foundation award, she is now starting her Bronze KC GC award.
4/04/09 Flash won his agility class at Scunthorpe - that's all of us in G2 now!
22/03/09 Flossy got two 4th places at the Border Collie of GB club agility show at Newark - the little star!!