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Flossy is a 7 year old Springer, and the dog who got us into Spaniels in the first place. She was bred locally and was a 'cut price' puppy as she had a defective eye. This was removed when she was about 18 months old, although most people never realise she has only one eye. They just think I am mad for insisting on running down the side of the dog walk furthest from the rest of the course, not realising that there really is a reason for it.. Flossy sometimes struggles with weave entries unless I am there to help her (Flossy finds that the application of teeth to the back of thighs generally gets me out of her way on some of these occasions).
Flossy is extremely clever, fast and agile and very, very naughty, not to mention defiant and rather bossy. She passed her KC GC Gold test in record time, her Junior and Novice Gun Dog club tests and is placed at agility shows quite often (in spite of my handling and her eye). Flossy's party piece is catching trout in the local reservoir, she refuses to return them to hand, instead she guzzles them down and then breathes fish-breath down my neck on the home journey in the car. She also really enjoys agility, not for the running about stuff, but because she really likes biting me at the end of what she thinks was a good run. What I think is a good run is usually quite different.
Flossy enjoys entertaining crowds at Gun Dog Scurries and can normally be found running round the trade stands clutching the dummy while I bury my head in shame (again) and head for the bar. Floss would probably make a fantastic competitive Obedience dog (no, really), but I would have to break into my Gin & Tonic Time to fit in yet more training, and they have heard about her Burger Van exploits and her weeing on the judges feet so I'm barred from taking part.
For the New Year, I have decided to try our joint hands and paws at heelwork to music.  Mainly because Floss doesnt get to do as much agility as she would like, after retiring through injury, and because it will be fun.  And no, there are no sequinned outfits on the horizon.  Ever.