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Flash isn't a spaniel - for those who haven't noticed. We have passed him off as a short-eared Springer before, to people who don't know better; at best we can describe him as an honorary Spaniel as he does like duck-hunting.
Flash is a 6 year old working sheep dog, he was the last of an unplanned litter a friend of our's had and so came home.. Flash doesn't do standing still so we couldn't get a pretty head shot; he does full-on, running around like a maniac, ants-in-his-pants. He too passed his KC GC Gold (boring, boring), before making me promise that I would never again subject him to such tedious slowness. He is a natural agility dog, fast and lithe, and completely movement oriented with a strong chase drive, (so completely wasted on me!!). He is now Grade 6 at agility with several jumping wins towards grade 7, but our agility wins are proving a little elusive.
Flash is a lovely dog with a super temperament, and is the most perfect 'demo dog' ever, he will also happily run for clients so that they can get a feel for manouevres that their own dogs haven't quite mastered yet, and is very good at helping other dogs with their social skills. His other party piece is knocking people's drinks over at parties with his super-swooshy tail. Useful trick that, and popular.